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The Mathematics of BeautyThe number one place to start with anything to do with beauty, or rather what people generally perceive as beauty, is the 7/10 rule. Of course this is a huge presumption and generalization to say that beauty can be defined as a mere fraction. However, there does seem to be something in the idea, at least on a physical level. Scientists who study these things have turned over some surprising results about the way we perceive things to be beautiful. The ideal ratio of one physical bodily attribute to another turns out to be 7 to 10 (as opposed to 8 out of 10 which is only relevant to cats!).

For example the distance between your chin and your eyes and your chin and your brow is most appealing when it is in the ratio 7 to 10. The same goes for the relationship between a woman’s hip and her waist. Or the difference between the eyes and the tip of the nose and the eyes and the mouth. Or the width of one of the top front teeth compared to it’s height: 7 to 10. The more you look the more you can see this strange and apparently arbitrary ratio. But there does seem to be a point to this. Most of the places we see this ratio are at points of attraction, where people draw reason and conclusions from another just by looking.