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Top 10 Tips on Finding Good Dentists Abroad – Part 2

5. See you in the UK?

Nothing quite beats meeting face to face to really help you decide if your choice of dentist is right for you. And meeting them on our own turf will save you a lot of time and money if you decide they are not the ones for you. These days it’s very easy to just put up a web site and offer the world but can your dentist of choice go that extra mile and come visit you (or at least come to the UK). The advantages of a UK consultation are many, not least that you can gauge how confident you feel with the dentist. Also do check if the dentist you see in the UK consultation will be substantially involved in your treatment.


A lot of dentists now offer guarantees on their work and this is often a good way to compare clinics. Check the terms and conditions carefully and beware any web-sites that do not clearly state this. For dental crowns you should expect 3 to 5 years and for implants up to 10 years. Always ask whether the guarantee is provided by the clinic, the manufacturer or both. A large and well established clinic is a good sign that the guarantees will be honoured. Life-time guarantees, which we’ve recently seen popping up, are clearly a gimmick and you should seriously question exactly what that life-time is of: the dental work or the dental business.

3. Clinic Facilities

There are some technical aspects to consider here when looking at a dental clinic’s facilities which I’ll spare you for now but, as a rule of thumb, we found the larger the clinic the better. More space and more dental chairs is a sign of a clinic with serious intentions to invest in their own future and therefore also in their clients.
The clinic should of course be spotless and well equipped but a good sign is often a clinic that provides a good sized waiting area for its clients and their family & friends and these days things like a free internet access area. For a large clinic we also like to see a good number of receptionists on hand to attend to client’s non-dental requests which can be especially important in a foreign city.
Check a prospective clinic’s web-site for 3D virtual tours which allow you to inspect before you arrive.

2. Are they up to the job?

You might say that surely a dentist is a dentist, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find there can be a world of difference between them. The basic qualification for a dentist in the UK is the BDS or LDS and in Hungary and America the equivalent is the DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery).
This is usually all a general dentist will need and, when combined with good postgraduate training and solid real life experience, they are ready to take up their own private practice.
However, when offering surgical procedures like implant placing, we always look for the all important MD (Medical Doctor) qualification plus postgraduate specialisation in maxillofacial surgery which can only be obtained by a dentist if they are an MD first.
Similarly cosmetic dentistry specialists should have undergone specific training to enable them to produce truly stunning results.

1. Experience is King

So the qualifications look good and the price is right but have they got any lengthy real life experience to back it up?
Depending on their specialisation, if any, a good dentist needs to be practicing in the field for at least 5-10 years to achieve an acceptable level of experience. And it’s no good if they’ve been tucked away in some back water for years treating children and even less so if their client list is too small.

Always ask to see case studies and if you’re still in doubt ask for some reference telephone numbers of people they have treated from your area.

In our search for the ideal clinic in Budapest we always heavily favour any clinic staffed by dentists with a history of working on the Austrian Hungarian border where we know there has been a steady flow of dental tourists for the last 15 years. This unique experience is ideal and also, for us, why Hungary stands heads above other countries offering the same service.