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Top 10 Tips on Finding Good Dentists Abroad – Part 1

Here’s an insight into the things to watch out for when picking a good dentist abroad.

With the rise of dental tourism and with so many dentists abroad offering their services on the internet these days we thought it would be a nice idea to share with you some of the tips and tricks we’ve collected during our 4 year history of pre-vetting, recommending and working with high quality dental clinics in Budapest. I hope you find this information useful and hopefully you can avoid some of the more common pitfalls when selecting a suitable dentist abroad

10. Giving it Away
In the UK and elsewhere dental patients are usually asked to pay for absolutely everything right down to the mouth wash. In today’s competitive dental tourism market there’s a lot to be got for free. Typically we would expect to see free consultations, x-rays (including panoramic x-rays), airport transfers and transfers to and from all your appointments, oral-sedation, impression taking, antibiotics, pain killers where necessary and of course the complimentary mouth wash.
The list could go on but be wary of too many discounts and freebies if the basics don’t add up.

9. The Price is Right?
The most important part for many people is understandably price and today’s highly competitive market of dental tourism has a huge drive to keep prices as low as possible. A word of advice here: you should try as much as is possible to satisfy as many of the criteria listed below before looking at price.
For more involved procedures it may be worth avoiding temptingly low offers from clinics that score low on experience and qualifications. Also, keep an eye out for any hidden extras. For example: with dental implants there is the price for the implant and the price for the crown but lesser known is the cost of uncovering the implant, fitting healing screws and the abutments which support the final crown. Ask exactly what is included in the price.

8. Was That Really You on TV?
Probably the most abused of all the methods used to woo a potential client. Over the years we have quietly plugged away at our job with the goal of bringing the best for less to UK clients. Along the way we have attracted some great press attention both in print and TV which we’re very proud of so it bugs us a just a little bit when we see clinics listing other companies’ press cuttings as examples of their own achievements.
Always check any reference to press coverage for a specific mention of the clinic in question. If the link is broken or doesn’t go anywhere it’s probably for a reason.

7. Letters of Praise
A good clinic will have happy clients willing to share their experiences. It’s sometimes a leap of faith that gets someone in a foreign dentists chair and when the experience turns out to be way above their expectations the letters come flooding in. Often a clinic’s websites will publish client’s letters and emails as proof of their excellent service. But look closer. Are they showing the entire letter or just conveniently edited highlights? We’ve certainly seen lots of takes on this; even obviously made up testimonials. Thankfully we have the English language on our side as genuine English is particularly hard to forge and relatively easy to spot.
If in doubt ask to see case studies and if you’re still in doubt ask for some reference telephone numbers of people who they have treated from your area.

6. Location, Location, Location
If you’re thinking of travelling to a new city for dental treatment always check exactly where the clinic is in relation to the city centre. So many clinics skirt over the fact that they are in fact many miles away from where you might want to be staying (one dental clinic we inspected and rejected was a 3 hour drive from the airport!).
Personally I’d rather spend my time taking in the sights of a new city, not be stuck in traffic for hours between appointments or looking round the dead streets of a distant suburb where the hotel is ‘conveniently located’.

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