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Compare our prices to those in London and the UK

To illustrate the gap between the prices in Budapest and those in the UK, below are the results of a survey we conducted on prices in London compared to those at our clinic in Budapest:

If you require relatively minor treatments or are loathed to travel abroad for dental work then why not take a look at our London Clinic's price list. Our links to Budapest mean that we're still able to pass on some savings to our clients.

Treatment Smile Savers Average London Average Savings
Free Items
Consultation in BudapestFree£75£75
X-Ray in BudapestFree£60£60
Implant uncovering, impressions, anaesthetics, healing screws:Free£130£130
Implant After Care Kit (Antibiotics, Mouthwash, Painkillers & Ice Pack)Free£30£30
Dental Implants
AB/SGS Implant £399£1250£851
Camlog Implant £550£1350£800
AB Abutment (From) £140£350£210
Camlog Abutment (From) £140£270£130
Camlog Screw Retained Abutment£170£340£170
Camlog Zirconium Abutment£330£520£190
Dental Crowns
Porcelain Crown £199£550£351
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal on Implant£199£600£401
Porcelain Crown Fused To Gold £269£650£381
Zirconium Metal Free Crown £380£750£370
Zirconium Crown on Implant£593£1300£707
Cosmetic Treatments
Porcelain Veneer £240£550£310
Zoom 1 Hour Teeth Whitening £329£500£171
Dental Implant Abutments Explained

The Crown
Here seen from the side, this is a front lateral incisor. There are many options for the type of crown used such as porcelain fused to metal and the latest zirconia based crowns. Not every crown requires an implant; for example, if 3 teeth need replacing next to each other then usually only 2 implants are required with 3 crowns on top.

The Abutment
The post, which is the upper portion of the abutment, will in this case have the crown cemented onto it after the lower section is attached to the implant below. Notice the curved horizontal line which is designed to fit the lower curve of the crown. None of the abutment will be visible once the crown is fitted onto it. There are options for abutments from standard abutments right up to the most aesthetically pleasing zirconia abutments used primarily for front teeth.

The Dental Implant
None of the implant is visible once the abutment and crown have been fitted. There are a range of implants available and usually you will be able to choose the one that suits your budget. Some implants are better suited to solve certain problems but you will always be advised where this is the case.

The Price Gap

Many people are curious as to why there is such a huge price difference between Hungary and the rest of Europe. They often assume that the quality of materials must be much lower but in fact Hungarian clinic’s materials are usually identical and often superior to their western European counterparts.

A good example of this would be one of our clinics who use a service whereby the patients teeth are scanned into a computer using a 3D imaging camera. The results are emailed to Sweden where the requested crowns are made to a high standard by computers and returned by courier within 48 hours to be fitted by the dentist. The same service is available to all dentists in Europe yet the price gap is still very much in evidence.

Some people might assume that the clinics are not as well equipped and thus do not pass the cost of new technology on to their clients but certainly in all our clinics they are overflowing with technology originating in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the US to name a few; a sure sign of solid investment.

And keeping up with training? It is a little known fact that every dentist in Hungary, in order to keep their licence, must build up enough points each year by attending seminars, conferences and training courses. There are no exceptions and the cost is bourne by the dentists themselves.

Certainly the overall cost of living in Hungary is less than in western European countries but in Budapest this is not quite so marked.

So why is it so cheap? Perhaps the biggest factor that influences prices are the shear numbers of highly qualified dentists competing in the same market. The end result is escalating quality and plummeting prices.

As you can see, there are lots of factors that influence price and equally a great deal that does not. What ever the reason we can see that there are real and very genuine savings to be made by exploiting this anomaly in the current dental market.

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