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Our London clinic prices compared to the average London prices

Of course the really big savings are still to be had by travelling to our Budapest clinic but for those needing only realtively minor treatments, such as 1 or 2 dental implants, or for those unwilling to travel abroad for treatment, there are still savings to be made. According to a recent survey we conducted of like for like London clinics we still come out ahead. Below are the cost of our treatments carried out in London:

Treatment Smile Savers London Average London Average Savings
Misc Items
Consultation in London£35£75£45
X-Ray in London£35£60£25
Implant uncovering, impressions, anaesthetics, healing screws:Free£130£130
Implant After Care Kit (Antibiotics, Painkillers & Ice Pack)Free£30£30
Yearly Check-Up£50£120£70
Dental Implants
Camlog Implant £850£1350£500
Camlog Abutment (From) £140£270£130
Camlog Screw Retained Abutment£170£340£170
Camlog Zirconium Abutment£330£520£190
Dental Crowns
Porcelain Crown £395£550£155
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal on Implant£495£600£105
Porcelain Crown Fused To Gold £545£650£105
Zirconium Metal Free Crown £599£750£151
Cosmetic Treatments
Porcelain Veneer £399£550£151
Zoom 1 Hour Teeth Whitening £350£500£150
Orthodontic Teeth Straightening (per jaw)
Standard Metal Brace£700£1300£600
Standard Brace adjustment per visit£100£150£50
ICE Ceramic Brace£1200£2000£800
ICE Ceramic Brace adjustment per visit£100£175£75
Damon Metal Brace£1100£1800£700
Damon Metal Brace adjustment per visit£150£200£50
Damon Ceramic Brace£1300£1900£600
Damon Ceramic Brace adjustment per visit£150£220£70
Invisalign Light (from)£3000£4000£1000
Invisalign (from)£5000£7000£2000
Lotus Metal Brace (from)£1200£2400£1200
Lotus Metal Brace adjustment per visit£150£250£100

Please Note:

Whilst every effort is made to keep these prices up to date prices are sometimes subject to change and you should always refer to your quotation for the latest and most accurate figures.

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Dental Implant Abutments Explained

The Crown
Here seen from the side, this is a front lateral incisor. There are many options for the type of crown used such as porcelain fused to metal and the latest zirconia based crowns. Not every crown requires an implant; for example, if 3 teeth need replacing next to each other then usually only 2 implants are required with 3 crowns on top.

The Abutment
The post, which is the upper portion of the abutment, will in this case have the crown cemented onto it after the lower section is attached to the implant below. Notice the curved horizontal line which is designed to fit the lower curve of the crown. None of the abutment will be visible once the crown is fitted onto it. There are options for abutments from standard abutments right up to the most aesthetically pleasing zirconia abutments used primarily for front teeth.

The Dental Implant
None of the implant is visible once the abutment and crown have been fitted. There are a range of implants available and usually you will be able to choose the one that suits your budget. Some implants are better suited to solve certain problems but you will always be advised where this is the case.

Still More Affordable

Running a clinic in London is certainly more expensive than in Budapest with significantly higher rents, business tax and wages to name but a few. However because of the way the two clinics are linked there are still some savings to be passed on to our London clients. Because most materials are bought in quantities from regular suppliers this means a saving which can be passed on down to all our clients. A high number of clients visiting Budapest benefits the smaller number visiting our London clinic.
And because some of the same highly experienced dentists in Budapest will also be available in London our clients still get the same high quality treatment they would expect in Budapest.


We are very excited that we can now offer something that is not available to our clients travelling to Budapest – Orthodontic teeth adjustment.
Available only in our London clinic we can now offer Incognito lingual braces, ICE ceramic braces as well as Damon ceramic braces and Damon conventional braces.

Please Note:

Because of potentially conflicting regulations, any implant or bone grafting work carried out in London must be completed in London and likewise for Budapest. However, treatment such as extractions, temporaries and other such minor preparatory work can be carried out in London before travelling to Budapest. Check-ups are available in London wherever the work was carried out.

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