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Branemark Implant 15% Off Special Offer

The Implant Center Budapest has tipped a major milestone with its dental implant supplier, Nobel Biocare, and has been granted a rare discount for the sheer number of implants placed by our dental team in Budapest.

Nobel Biocare dental implants were the very first implants developed in the world and ever since Nobel Biocare has held back the competition with relentless innovation and a commitment to quality that others simply cannot match.

And so it is with great pleasure that we can now offer our new patients a fantastic 15% discount on Nobel Biocare implants and Nobel Biocare abutments, for now, in Budapest only. To get an idea of how these two work together see here

To get an idea of how you can save on your Budapest implant treatment, below are some example pricings:

1 Nobel Biocare Implant Supporting 1 Porcelain Crown

Budapest Clinic Treatment Was Now Savings
Nobel Biocare Replace Implant - Made in Sweden £700.00 £595.00 £105.00
Nobel Biocare Screw retained abutment £240.00 £204.00 £36.00
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal on Implant £199.00
Totals: £1,139.00 £998.00 £141.00

Take a look at our Budapest prices and see how much you could save on your complete treatment.

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Louise had plenty to smile about when she saved £45,000 on crucial dental work!
...The trip was great. Dr Benko was really great and you should see my teeth they are amazing. The clinic took some photos of before and after and the difference is wonderful.