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One of the very few no-no's in Budapest, hailing a cab London style could set you back a chunk of cash

Hail a Cab on the StreetDefinitely not advisable. There are plenty of reputable cab companies in Budapest and all just a quick phone call away. Hailing a cab on the street puts you at risk to unscrupulous and often unlicensed cab operators who will be more than happy to charge more than 10 times the normal fare using tampered meters.
Our favorite company, though there are many good ones, is (0036)(12)666666 (each cab has a dice on the top!), they can be relied on to turn up on early morning pickups, the drivers are usually courteous (though don’t count on it) and turn up quickly when needed.
A good tip if you’re out of reach of a phone is to pop into a hotel and get them to order the cab for you. Most are more than happy to oblige.
Of course, for your trips to and from your appointments transport will always be provided.

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