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Akin to bathing in a stately home these are the largest and best equipped thermal baths in Budapest

Szechenyi BathsRecently refurbished they are the biggest baths in Budapest – if you sit on the right hand of the plane coming into Budapest’s Ferihegy airport on a clear day you can easily spot the dumb-bell shaped outline of the outside pools. There is the sports pool in the middle which is the only pool where a swimming hat is mandatory. Then there is the large semi-circular hot pool whose temperature is raised even higher in winter. Here you can spot through the haze the old men playing chess at the side of the pool. Then there is the fun pool complete with alternating swirling tidal currents followed by jets of water in all directions and streams of bubbles emanating from the pool floor. Here you can find the ladies of what the old men call the ‘bubble mafia’ diligently waiting on the best spots for the bubbles to start.
Inside you’ll find even more pools each with it’s own healing property plus increasingly torturous saunas, steam rooms and plunge pools. There are also various massages available but you’ll need to book in advance (contact us if you need assistance with this).
A small word of warning here: the recent renovation unlike that at the Rudas (see below) did not include the renovation of the baffling changing room procedure so here goes: The changing rooms are in the basement and the locker keys are held by the attendants. After changing into your swimmers and depositing your clothes in your chosen locker you must find one of the attendants and tell him which locker is yours. He makes a note of the locker number, locks it and gives you a wrist band token (which only corresponds to his notes and not as you would expect to the locker). Apon returning, all items: wrist band, attendant notes and locker, are matched up and access regained to your belongings. This is most definitely a left over from communist days when everyone had to have a job no matter how pointless.
That being said the baths are a wonder to behold whether you enjoy them in the height of summer or the depths of winter (the outside flooring is heated from below). Add to that a fantastic mix of people from young to old and you have for the princely sum of £4 a whole half day of fun and relaxation that will put the spring right back in your step. Open early till 10pm most days.

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