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Offering a step back in time these original Turkish baths are a wonder to behold if you can time your visit right

Rudas BathsRecently refurbished and currently the talk of the city, the Rudas [rude-ash] baths are the perfect cure to the night before. Built by the turks who were temporary residents in the 16th century they have to be one of the few historical sights in the world that won’t leave anyone wondering what they are supposed to get out of the experience. The main bathing hall has 5 baths, the octagonal central one being lit directly by pin holes of coloured light from the dome above. You can relax in the main bath then progress through each of the 4 smaller baths, each having a different temperature and property. Then, when you think you’re ready, dive into the steam room whose hellish depths will have you running back to the cold-plung to start the process all over again. The steam baths most days are single sex, women only are on tuesday morning and thursday afternoon, but a recent addition is that of mixed bathing (with swim-suits of course) on Friday and Saturday nights until the early hours. Alcohol is served outside the entrance but is not permitted inside the bathing areas which seems like good sense to us!

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