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By no means an exhastive list, these are some of our firm favourites in Budapest.

Akin to bathing in a stately home these are the largest and best equipped thermal baths in Budapest

Offering a step back in time these original Turkish baths are a wonder to behold if you can time your visit right

Every year around Christmas time they freeze the sizeable lake by Hero's square permitting all manner of icy shenanigans in picturesque surroundings

A beautifully preserved town on the outskirts of Budapest is traditionally home to a lively art and craft scene

Definitely for the adventurous around the busy streets of Budapest but if you stick to the many cycle routes this is a safe and great way to see the city

Forget the traffic jams and watch Budapest fly by along the many tram routes circling the city

Billed as the biggest music festival in Europe, Budapest's Island Festival serves up a massive selection of musical delights

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