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The Oxford Street come Mayfair of Budapest, Andrassy Avenue offers a wealth of fine dining, top brand shopping plus galleries and museums all set in a world heritage site

Andrassy AvenuePest’s Andrassy Útca travels in a straight line from near to the Danube at Deak Ter and runs all the way to Hero’s Square (Hosok Ter) where you’ll find the Museum of Fine Arts, the Palace of Arts, a replica Transylvanian Castle behind and further still the Szechenyi baths. The metro runs all the way along Andrassy but the street is quite walkable with plenty of shops bars and restaurants. Along the way is the Octogon, an important reference point, and the astounding State National Opera. Andrassy is best seen near the end of the year when an army of decorators descend on the street to install millions of fairy lights on the trees lining and overhanging the entire boulevard.

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