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If you can do without the frills then you could save a packet with one of the most consistently good budget airlines out there

Easy JetWe used to enjoy the mad stampede onto the plane, trampling all who were unfortunate enough to get in our way! But those days are long gone with the introduction of new civilizing priority boarding procedures. Those most at risk from the stampede now go on first followed by those who turn up early for check-in. Recently introduced is a speedy boarding option costing between £7.50 to £15 which buys you a place at the head of the queue. But you can still sit anywhere you like. And you still have to pay for your food and drink.
As with all no-frills airlines, booking in advance is essential for cheap flights and you should watch out for regular ticket give aways for as little as 99p each way. The usual taxes and additional charges seem to be very reasonable in comparison to most airlines charging, only £5 for Budapest.
The range of places you can fly from and back to makes this certainly the most flexible of airlines. Flights from Luton and Gatwick. One way prices start from £14.99 in low season and £20.99 in high season plus charges which means, if you are first to the tickets, you should usually be able to get there and back for between £50 and £100.
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