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Of the factors influencing the rise of dental tourism in Budapest amongst the top has to be low cost air travel from the UK

One of the reasons it has lately become so feasible for people to travel to Budapest for dental treatments is the proliferation of low cost airlines that regularly fly in and out of Budapest’s Ferihegy [ferry-hedge] airport. This is set to continue for a long time especially since the British Airport Authority (BAA) has just bought a 75 year contract to exclusively run and develop the airport. The airport as it stands now was modernized a few years ago and there has been significant investment from new EU money into the roads feeding it. The new investment from BAA will turn it into the major hub for the entire east European arena. BAA has even hinted at installing a high speed rail link into the city center which should cut journey times down from 45 minutes to under 20 minutes.

The airport’s main terminal is terminal 2 but there is the older terminal, rebuilt in the last year or so, which services many of the no-frills airlines. Conveniently it is slightly closer to the center of Budapest cutting up to 10 minutes off the journey time which has to be a first for most discount destinations who usually fly to airports well outside the target city.

Of course not everyone wants to go the no-frills way and there are still a few traditional airlines left who offer in-flight food and that little bit of extra service and leg room.

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