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Virginie Vincent“Hi Veronika,

I have been very pleased and impressed with the quality of the dental work and the professionalism of all involved in the running of the surgery and the business as a whole. I have recommended Smile Savers to my people although I do not really need to as my new mouth speaks for itself.

The dental work performed on my mouth has changed my life in many aspects. There is first the esthetic side which is of course of prime importance, especially in my job as I am a teacher and have people looking at me talking and laughing all day long. I had become so self conscious about my mouth and my teeth that I was always covering my mouth with my hands when I laughed. I hated having pictures taken and was always trying to smile keeping my mouth closed, and looking silly with it! The improvement in my confidence does not only lie in the professional area. I can start dating again without worrying about denture and hiding that fact. I also can enjoy food again and I have rediscovered the pleasure of chewing and eating all sort of food was had been impossible for many years, like apples and steak and crusty baguettes, simple pleasures that I had forgotten. On the medical point of view, the improvements are amazing. Because of years of latent dental infection, my blood was poisoned and I started developing arthritis in most of the joints in my body, to such an extent, that only a year ago it had become almost impossible to carry anything including my hand bag. I felt old and useless and that depressed me quite a lot. Since the work has been performed, the arthritis has slowly and steadily receded and I only suffer from it very occasionally when the weather is too damp. So you can see that having my mouth reconstructed has not only improved many areas of my life, if not change them,it has also allowed me to regain a positive and outgoing attitude to life in general.

Thank you to you and all the team for a truly great job from start to end.

Kind regards,