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Russell Fraser“Hi Veronika,

Thank you for all your help in arranging my trip to Budapest, in the end I had 18 zirconium metal free crowns and now have a perfect smile !!!
This might sound funny but after two years hiding my teeth, since the treatment I have now had to learn how to smile properly again. The dental treatment has basically given me a “Hollywood” smile and now I get lots of comments saying how beautiful my teeth are. Going through smile savers and getting my treatment done abroad for me was a huge gamble, one that I am so glad I took !!! To some it up in the U.K you have two options. You can have your teeth done on the NHS which is quite frankly to a shocking standard. Even if you have a good dentist they use materials that are of a very poor quality. The second option is to go private and pay the extortionate price U.K dentists get away with charging. Dental care in the U.K and the state of British peoples teeth has become a world wide joke. If I could leave you with one piece of advice from the heart use smile savers, go to Budapest, receive an excellent standard of treatment save yourself a small fortune and enjoy a beautiful city at the same time. THERE IS NO DOWN SIDE. You really can’t loose and I can’t recommend it enough, smile savers arrange it all for you. They even send cars to pick you up from where you are staying to get to the appointments and take you to and from the airport. Even if you are extremely wealthy why would you choose to throw away thousands and thousands of pounds ? The last thing I will say is next time you ring to book an appointment with a U.K private dentist while you are at it you may as well phone a psychiatrist because its nothing short of madness !!! It is time to wake up and smell the coffee British people are being treated like fools when it comes to dental treatment which is nothing short of unacceptable !!! Use smile savers and start smiling again !!!
Thanks again.

Russell Fraser”

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