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Julian PaklosHello Veronika,

Where do i start ?

I was so impressed by all the work undertaken and above all else the final results. Perfect aesthetically, with no after problems or discomfort.

Eating is now a pleasure no more indigetion, its nice to chew your food instead of swallowing lumps due to poor bite and bad teeth.

All is now perfect and I mean perfect.

All during my visits every attention to detail through from collection at the airport, through to departure was 100%, if I could give a higher mark I would. Never in a million years did I think a dentist would ask me back in to take even more photos of my finnished teeth………loved it.

The only concern is I am now hooked on oral hygene. I’m proud now to talk to people and know they admire my new teeth.

When Dr Nemeth showed me my finished teeth in the mirror, its do all you can to hold back the tears….failed I was so happy.

Thank you so much Veronika for all the organization carried out by yourself, also a big big thanks to Dr Nemeth ( great humour and top bloke ),Dr Kaman, Lazlo, Tomaz ,Geyser, all the receptionists and particularly the dental assistants.

I will shut up now as the list of thank you’s for the wonderful work done will be longer than Avatar’s ending credits.

PLZ PLZ forward this on to the Implant Center to express my thanks.
I will contact you soon to arrange a checkup…..of do I mean an excuse to get away for a few days ?

best regards