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Nicola Lewin answers questions about her experiences in Budapest

Nicola Lewin Interview


Age: 52
Home: Eckington, Sheffield
Occupation: housewife and part time student

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What can you say about the SmileSavers Process?

What was your reason for the treatment?

After years of NHS treatment, I felt that my dental health left a lot to be desired. I just didn’t feel I was getting a lot out of them – they didn’t seem bothered. I complained to my NHS dentist that my gums were red and feeling sore and I was referred to a private consultant. Three consultations later (at £100 each) I was told I was suffering from a bone disease in my jaw which was causing a lack of stability in my teeth. The only options were to have private reconstructive treatment in the UK costing around £47,500 or have all my teeth removed and get a set of false teeth on the NHS.
I wasn’t happy with that. Women like to look their best and I wasn’t ready for false teeth. So I turned to the internet where I discovered dental prices in Hungary were much lower than in the UK. That’s when I contacted Smile Savers who were so helpful, professional and quick coming back to me with all the information I needed.

What were your initial fears surrounding traveling for dental treatment?

I was worried about cleanliness and hygiene. I told myself that if I wasn’t happy with the situation when I reached the dentist’s I would not have any treatment.

What would you say about the clinic the dentists and the dental treatment?

My fears on arriving at the clinic were quickly alleviated. It was absolutely brilliant, I couldn’t fault them. The clinic’s staff were extremely organised, very professional and empathetic. They were very thorough, explained all my options to me and really made me feel at home.

What has been your experience of UK dentists?

What would you say about Budapest?

The city is wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and I just loved the food, although due to the treatment I was unable to eat after our first night and so lost 8lb thanks to all the walking we did while sightseeing! We visited the Danube, the Parliament building and the Opera House – just wonderful

What would you say about the transportation provided?

What was your reason for choosing SmileSavers?

How did the treatment change your life?

How would you describe the whole experience?

Would you recommend it to other people?

I would happily recommend travelling to Hungary to anyone seeking dental treatment.

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