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James Keep Interview


Age: 26
Home: Bedford
Occupation: not given

What can you say about the SmileSavers Process?

What was your reason for the treatment?

I just wasn’t happy with the way my teeth looked.

What were your initial fears surrounding traveling for dental treatment?

No fears really, just hoped they could do what I wanted.

What would you say about the clinic the dentists and the dental treatment?

The clinic was great, dentists made me feel at ease, the treatment was of a very high level (I’ve been to lots of dentists both in the UK and Australia).

What has been your experience of UK dentists?

What would you say about Budapest?

Budapest is a nice city, very fast like London. You feel safe there.

What would you say about the transportation provided?

What was your reason for choosing SmileSavers?

The reason I choose Smilesavers was because they had a good website and the very helpful Veronika emailed me back straight away, I did look at others but they didn’t seem to bothered, I even had a company call 2 weeks after I had had 4 teeth pulled out !!

How did the treatment change your life?

The treatment has made me 100% more confident, I feel I want to smile at people now!! It is the first thing you see now!

How would you describe the whole experience?

Would you recommend it to other people?