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Glen Bowman Interview


Age: 37
Home: Gateshead, Tyne & Wear
Occupation: not given

What can you say about the SmileSavers Process?

What was your reason for the treatment?

I was not happy with my teeth and very self conscious of them.

What were your initial fears surrounding traveling for dental treatment?

That it is a long way to go if anything happens to my teeth.

What would you say about the clinic the dentists and the dental treatment?

The whole experience was amazing. The clinic was very impressive looking. The staff were all extremely friendly and helpful. The drivers were great as well.

What has been your experience of UK dentists?

What would you say about Budapest?

I like Budapest a lot. I had already been before on a stag do, so i was quite confident in going for a walk and finding my way around. The little bar on the corner near to my apartment was great, I spent every night there !!

What would you say about the transportation provided?

What was your reason for choosing SmileSavers?

The whole package seemed very professional. I watched all the video clips, read all the reviews and compared them to a couple of other places. SmileSavers looked like the best one for me.

How did the treatment change your life?

Everyone has commented that I seem to be smiling all the time, especially my wife. I feel more confident about smiling. It has also made me look after my teeth even better than before.

How would you describe the whole experience?

Would you recommend it to other people?