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Emily Mayer Interview


Age: 45
Home: Norfolk
Occupation: Director of Flying Bear Studios Ltd.

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What can you say about the SmileSavers Process?

What was your reason for the treatment?

I lost nearly all my own teeth through gum disease.

What were your initial fears surrounding traveling for dental treatment?

The possible language barrier, the long way to go if there were any problems with the work.

What would you say about the clinic the dentists and the dental treatment?

All excellent!!

What has been your experience of UK dentists?

Mainly the cost but also because of the slow response and apparent disinterest of the so called specialist who was requested to contact me by my dentist.

What would you say about Budapest?

A very beautiful city, great atmosphere, the people are friendly and helpful, the streets feel safe, excellent places to eat, loved the markets, good public transport. We loved it!

What would you say about the transportation provided?

What was your reason for choosing SmileSavers?

Quick response to my initial email and the fact that Veronika was based in UK so was easy to contact and had excellent English. I liked the look of the Implant Center which looked to have a strong team of very well qualified doctors.

How did the treatment change your life?

Great joy in being able to smile and laugh with confidence, not to have the discomfort, misery and inconvenience of dentures and denture fixative, to be able to eat normally. Without realising it I had been depressed for months and unable to work efficiently (I’m self employed so my income suffered a lot). I feel like a new person and everyone I know says I look younger, seem happier and am more like my old self – which I am.

How would you describe the whole experience?

Would you recommend it to other people?

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