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Douglas Cann, pictured here on holiday in Australia just after his treatment, was treated at our Budapest Implant Center clinic and was more than happy to talk to us about his experiences in Budapest.

Douglas Cann Interview


Age: 42
Home: Surrey
Occupation: Signal Incident Manager for the London Underground

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What can you say about the SmileSavers Process?

I initially contacted Veronika at SmileSavers by e-mail, she requested photos of my teeth which I e-mailed to her, she then sent them round the various dental clinics that they use in Budapest. She then sent back the preferred clinics options for treatment with an idea of cost, we then agreed suitable dates. SmileSavers then booked me into the clinic and also booked my accommodation and transfers once I confirmed my flight times.

I had no doubts or worries about the treatment process or trip. I was given information on aftercare, do’s and don’ts. I was also given a guarantee of 2 years on the fillings and 3 years on the crowns, something I had never been given from a UK dentist.

What was your reason for the treatment?

It was always something that I had wanted done, I had put off due to the difficulty of finding a NHS dentist and the expense of having it done privately. I had cause to visit a dentist in the UK for Root Canal treatment and asked about having work done to sort out my front lower teeth that were badly worn. The price I was quoted triggered me to look into having the work done abroad and I came across SmileSavers Hungary by searching on the internet.

What were your initial fears surrounding traveling for dental treatment?

None, the travelling or the process didn’t worry me at all because it was all explained by Smile Savers before I went. I was a little worried about the actual dental work itself due to the previous experiences with dentists.

What would you say about the clinic the dentists and the dental treatment?

What has been your experience of UK dentists?

I have had a few bad experiences with UK dentists. One badly fitted a crown and cut down the tooth above it to achieve a fit (a perfectly healthy tooth). The other was when I had a filling that developed an abscess the next day (a Sunday), so I had to go the hospital to see an emergency dentist, who told me that I should have had a root canal filling.

The dentist that did my root canal in the UK had told me that just to crown my front lower teeth and crown my back teeth to open my bite would take about 10 crowns costing over £400 pounds each and that wasn’t even including any work on my front top teeth. My whole treatment in Budapest only cost £4000 and that was for 19 crowns, 3 extractions, a root canal and all my amalgam fillings replaced with white filings

What would you say about Budapest?

On the first trip I was only there for 2 days and had treatment on both days so I didn’t see much of the city. The second visit was for 5 days and a sightseeing trip was arranged for me, I also made a couple of visits to the Széchenyi thermal spa at the city park. The visit to the thermal spa is worth a day trip on it’s own as it only cost about £6 for the entire day.

What would you say about the transportation provided?

What was your reason for choosing SmileSavers?

The price was the main factor, but the professional approach was the clincher.

How did the treatment change your life?

How would you describe the whole experience?

The treatment was fully explained before committing to it, I knew that it would be 2 trips and what was going to be done on each trip. Initially I was given 2 treatment options and was able to choose the one that suited best. The hotel accommodation was booked for me, all transfers were laid on so I knew just what to expect.

Would you recommend it to other people?

I already have!