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Assessment. At the initial consultation the dentist will determine whether the tooth can be repaired by an inlay or onlay procedure or whether a crown, is needed.

Teeth Preparation. At the first appointment, the dentist begins the procedure by numbing the area using a local anesthetic. If necessary, your dentist will then remove any old filling and any decayed or damaged tooth surface.

Impression taking.A soft, mouldable material will be used to make an ‘impression’ of the tooth that is being repaired and the teeth around it. This will then be passed to a dental technician to make the inlay or onlay. This can take between 4 – 5 days in Budapest.

Temporaries. A temporary restoration is placed on the tooth to protect it until the inlay/onlay can be bonded to the tooth.

Fitting.Upon return to the dentist’s office, the temporary restoration is removed and the surface is cleaned to prepare for the new structure. The dentist will then try in the new restoration to ensure that there is a correct fit that doesn’t interfere with your bite. If the fit is good, the inlay or onlay is permanently cemented or bonded to the tooth.