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When you first enquire about dental implants it is often in response to an awareness of ongoing dental problems or the recent loss of teeth. Each of these problems will need to be diagnosed and treated in a logical manner, often placing implants in order to establish healthier conditions. Although it is tempting to focus on the more glamorous aspects of teeth supported by dental implants, basic dental health, which includes the treatment of gum disease, repair of decay and the elimination of abscesses will be just as important for the long-term success of your treatment. If you are aware of bad breath, loose teeth, or have noticed excessive bleeding, particularly when your teeth are cleaned professionally, you may have gum problems. Periodontal (gum) disease is a major cause of bone loss and with reduced bone, dental implant treatment can be more complicated.

See the following case studies for an example:

Case Study – Branemark Implants

After suffering from gum disease at the age of 45 our client lost all her teeth and she was not ready to wear dentures for the rest of her life. …

Case Study – Teeth replacement

Fighting a loosing battle to gum disease, all of this patient teeth were mobile and there were visible signs of bone loss. Dr. Kaman, who placed over 15,000 dental implants …