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Our client was missing her UL2 and her canines and lateral incisors were small and pointy.

The upper teeth were restored with a metal free zirconium bridge to provide a more even and aesthetic result.

Unhappy with her uneven teeth and missing UL2 our client decided to travel to Budapest for cosmetic treatment which was achieved with a metal free zircon bridge and Zoom 1 hour teeth whitening.

Details of the Treatment

Polish and clean
1 Composite filling
10 upper zircon metal free crowns/bridge
Zoom 1 hour teeth whitening

Time Required to Completed Treatment: 2 x 2 days 2 weeks apart.

Cost: £4320
Estimated Client Savings: Over £7800

Dentist associated with this case

Dr. Zsolt Nemeth DDS

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Zsolt Nemeth DDS - Cosmetic Dentist

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