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The clients upper front teeth were heavily decayed and damaged from acid erosion.

The clients upper teeth were restored, brightened up and evened out with porcelain bonded crowns and root canal treatment.

This client was extremely self conscious of her decayed and acid eroded front teeth and urgently needed a confident boosting smile makeover which was achieved with dental crowns and composite fillings.

Details of the Treatment

Polish & clean with plaque removal
12upper porcelain bonded crowns
2 Root canal treatments
Zoom teeth whitening: lower teeth
5 Composite fillings

Time Required to Completed Treatment: 5 days

Cost: £3430
Estimated Client Savings: Over £5340

Dentists associated with this case

Dr. Andrea Badonyi DDS

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Andrea Badonyi DDS - Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Gruming Georg DDS

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Gruming Georg DDS - Cosmetic Dentist

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