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The first picture shows the clinets teeth prior to her treatment. The upper and lower molar teeth were missing and there has been considerable amount of bone and gum resession that weakened the teeth.

6 months healing was required after dental implant placing and bone graft. Once the dental implants were strong enough to be loaded they were uncovered then healing abutments were placed. The slight angle of some of the implants is quite normal with Branemark All-On-Six and All-On-Four dental implants and is actually carefully calculated to provide maximum strength to the finished restoration.

Here you can see the upper and lower bridge/crowns fitted firmly in place. Pink porcelain (gum imitation) has been added to the bridge to provide a more natural look and to make sure the teeth don’t look too long and out of proportion.

This photo shows the client after her dental treatment, with her new set of fully functioning teeth.

Alarmed by the deterioration of her teeth our client decided to undergo a full mouth dental rehabilitation in Budapest with bone grafting, dental implants and bridges.

Details of the Treatment

Temporary denture: upper and lower
6 upper implants and 4 lower Branemark dental implants
Bone grafting
12 – 12 unit porcelain fused to gold bridges
6 Extractions

Time Required to Completed Treatment: 3 visits, 3 – 6 months apart. The first visit was for 3 days, the second required 1 day and the final visit required 9 days

Cost: £17500
Estimated Client Savings: Over £36500

Client Testimonial:

I was very impressed by the care that was taken of us from landing in Budapest, trips into the clinic and back right up to taking us back to the airport. As long as we caught the plane this end, we did not have to think about anything again.. All appointments were at the time they were supposed to be, there were never any delays. The friendliness of the staff was superb, the girls on reception greeted me like a long lost friend every time I went in. Dr Lantos was lovely,very gentle and supportive.

I wont not mention you either Veronika, as you organised everthing from this end and I am sure that without your good planning the accomodation and travel arrangements would not have run so smoothly. Many Thanks Jackie Steele

Dentists associated with this case

Dr. Attila Kaman MD, DDS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dentist Dr. Attila Kaman MD, DDS - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dentist

Dr Janos Lantos DDS

Dentistry and Stomatology Dr Janos Lantos DDS - Dentistry and Stomatology

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