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Peter Gould

A new smile gave Peter the confidence to find new love!

“I am happier now than I have ever been and feel that Smile Savers played a big part in that!”


eter Gould, aged 55 from Doncaster had been forced to wear a denture after he lost several teeth in an accident. The dentures slowly undermined his self confidence, his enjoyment of food was limited and he’d been single for some time. Peter knew that first impressions count when meeting new people and that a good looking smile was something women look for when meeting a new man.

One day, quite by chance, Peter struck up a friendship with a woman via Facebook. They had loads in common and Peter knew that he’d love to meet her one day. His crooked smile and dentures put him off setting up the date and he realised he needed to take action. With cupid calling Peter started to research his options online. He had heard about Smile Savers Hungary and the more he read the more impressed he became. Peter knew that dental implants required a specialist dentist and as he researched the costs it quickly became apparent that the UK prices were too high. He’d had bad experiences with dentists in the past and was open to trying something new.

He booked a London consultation with Smile Savers Hungary and quickly jetted off to Budapest. Peter’s treatment involved several extraction, four implants and a bridge. He left Budapest with a temporary denture which he needed to wear whilst the implants were healing. Peter was amazed when the experts in Budapest told him the whole treatment would be done in 12 weeks, as other dentists in the UK would have scheduled it over nine months! His confidence in the Smile Savers Clinic was due to the clinic head Dr Attila Kaman, who lectures in implantology. Dr Kaman is one of the most experienced implant surgeons having placed over 15, 000 in his career.

Peter’s teeth were fixed in time for his Valentines date and his confidence soared, he was back on the dating scene and enjoying life to the full.


3 Extractions
4 Nobel Biocare All-On-Four implants
Temporary denture
12 unit porcelain fused to gold bridge

COST: £7424


Before long another lady came into his life, Peter started dating Pauline in July last year. She later confessed to Peter that his nice smile and healthy looking teeth were an important part of what attracted her to him. Peter states: “I am happier now than I have ever been and feel that Smile Savers played a big part in that!” Peter soon proposed and he and Pauline were married in May 2010. The wedding pictures are a testament to their happiness and it’s easy to see that Peter has every reason to be smiling again!

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