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Louise Webb

From Birmingham to Budapest, Louise’s journey to a new smile cost only £12,000!

Louise had plenty to smile about when she saved £45,000 on crucial dental work!


ouise Webb was in her late 30’s when a hereditary disease led to her losing 10 teeth and becoming so depressed that she left her job and avoided leaving the house. She was told by her dentist the only option was dentures and despite a referral to the Birmingham Dental Hospital no one had a better solution to her problem. Feeling badly let down by the NHS, Louise was at her wits end. “I was in so much pain and my face had become sunken in at the sides because I didn’t have my back teeth. I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want anyone to see me and at the same time I just couldn’t face having false teeth.” Explains Louise.

In desperation, Louise considered the option of having dental implants done privately, but the cost was staggering. “It just wasn’t an option.” Louise explained. “But whilst I was doing my research on the internet I discovered that many people like me have gone overseas to Hungary to have dental treatment carried out in Budapest.” What Louise learnt is that Hungarian dentists are very well trained and more experienced that their UK counterparts in dental implant surgery. Hungary is widely considered to be a European centre of excellence for dentistry and has historically attracted many overseas visitors who come for dental treatment and stay to enjoy the cities many tourist attractions, excellent restaurants and beautiful scenery.

Louise discovered Smile Savers Hungary and was immediately impressed with their level of customer service. After looking at Louise’s X-rays, she was recommended a clear dental treatment plan which was to be spread over three visits. “Smile Savers helped to organise my hotels, they collected me from the airport and there was always a car waiting to take me to and from the clinic. The dentists and the staff at the clinic were amazing, it was all so professional but also very friendly. I felt reassured at every level and even though the treatment was lengthy and involved several trips I enjoyed visiting the city and Smile Savers made each trip easy and stress free.”


12 Dental implants
28 dental crowns/bridges
5 extractions
2 sinus bone grafts

COST: £12000


The Smile Savers Hungary clinic is the largest in Budapest and is run by Dr Atilla Kaman who is a Master of Implantology and arguably the most experienced dental surgeon in his field. The clinic is proud to offer the latest technology and clients are offered films to watch, excellent pain management and comfortable surroundings. Visitors will be surprised by how many fellow Brits, Germans and even Americans are in the waiting room, all of whom have chosen Budapest because of the excellent treatment standards and low prices that the city offers.

Over the next few months, Louise made a total of three trips to Budapest and had 13 dental implants and nine dental crowns. She saved over £45,000.00 on treatment costs and her life has changed dramatically, all because she can now smile with confidence again.

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