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Linda Williamson

Smart choices saved Linda £20,000 and found the right clinic for her ‘mouth makeover’ in Budapest!

“I am absolutely delighted with the results and can’t stop smiling! My dentist here said he thought the materials and the workmanship were of a very high standard.”


inda Williamson, 54, a retired healthfood shop owner from Ashington near Newcastle upon Tyne was in need of a total mouth makeover. Over the previous 15 years she had faced a multitude of dental problems, from losing teeth to bone loss in her jaw. She had kept her smile just about intact but with several loose crowns she was now having trouble eating and she knew it was time to really take control of her dental health.

Linda knew the work she needed done wouldn’t be available on the NHS, so she looked into private dental prices. She knew she was facing a large bill but Linda was shocked at the prices – one dentist’s quoted £30,000! With the credit crunch looming it was too much for Linda to spend.

Linda wanted to have implants done, but her case was complicated by bone loss in her upper jaw. Good bone structure there is essential for dental implant work, but bone loss is a common side effect when teeth are lost. So bone grafting would be required and of course this complication was adding to Linda’s bill. She also knew it was important to go to a really experienced surgeon, and because dental implants are so expensive in the UK, dental surgeons are not as experienced as some of their European counterparts.

Once Linda knew she needed to find an implant specialist her online research led her to Smile Savers Hungary, whose clinic in Budapest is run by Dr Kaman. He is a Master Implantologist and has in seven years placed over 15,000 successful dental implants – just the kind of experience Linda’s case required. Dr Kaman is also a maxilo-facial surgeon and so was able to complete both the bone-grafting and dental implant placing himself and all under the same roof at his clinic in central Budapest.

Dr Kaman commented: “We see quite a few cases similar to Linda’s every year. We have access to the latest technology, the dedicated time and most importantly the right team here to treat such cases successfully”.


6 dental implants, sinus lift bone grafting,
6 root canals,
1 extraction,
25 porcelain crowns

COST: £9700


Smile Savers Hungary gave Linda a very clear treatment plan and helped make her arrangements for the two trips to Hungary that would be required for her to complete the treatment.

In all, Linda’s treatment was very extensive. She required a sinus lift bone graft; 6 root canal treatments, one tooth extraction, six dental implants and 25 porcelain bonded crowns. She completed her incredible mouth makeover and the final bill was just £9, 700.00. In the UK a cost for single dental implant is usually around £2,000.00 and crowns are at least £300.00 each. Clearly Linda saved a lot of money, but more importantly the work was of the very highest standard. Linda commented: “I am absolutely delighted with the results and can’t stop smiling! My dentist here said he thought the materials and the workmanship were of a very high standard.”

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