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Julie Davis

Julie’s wedding day dream came true thanks to a friend who recommended Smile Savers Hungary.

The whole family saved £27,000 but best of all, I was able to walk down the aisle with complete confidence


ulie was only 12 years old when a riding accident left her with terrible dental problems that troubled her for years to come. “I was walking my pony on Camber Sands when a storm broke, she was spooked by the bad weather and she bolted, I tried to hold on but tripped and as I fell she kicked out and her hoof caught me on the mouth.” Julie recalls. She was rushed to hospital where doctors thought Julie’s teeth had been lost, but an X-ray soon revealed they had actually been forced up, and were embedded in her top jaw.

So began years of problems for Julie. An operation to pull down the teeth resulted in them turning grey and dying. She had braces fitted, more treatment done and then veneers fitted only to experience more pain and more dentist visits as her mouth become infected.

Understandably, Julie never had any confidence in her smile, but it was her engagement and setting the wedding date that pushed her into action. “I just wanted a lovely smile for my wedding day,” explained Julie, “but as soon as I started to investigate the cost of private dental treatment in the UK my wedding day dream started to disappear. The costs were simply too high.”

Luckily a friend of the family suggested they look at Smile Savers Hungary, and after some initial consultations, the whole family set off for Budapest! Julie’s mother, Jeanette, and father Roy both had dental problems of their own. Jeanette had put up with ill fitting dentures for years and Roy had gaps in his bottom teeth. All three decided on their treatment plans and together they saved a huge £27, 000.00 compared to the cost of their dental treatment in the UK.

Jeanette had six dental implants – which are a speciality of Smile Savers Hungary’s clinic in Budapest. Whilst Roy had several teeth extracted and replaced by upper and lower dental bridge work.


Julie: £2,350
Roy: £4,350
Jeannette: £7,800

COST: £14500


Julie herself made three trips to Hungary over the course of three months. She had her four front veneers and an infected tooth removed. A zirconium bridge, hand-crafted from porcelain was fitted and finally Julie had her smile back.

The family were all delighted with the work done and were surprised at how smooth the whole experience was. But the best thing for Julie was being able to smile confidently on her wedding day just one month after completing her treatment. “It was very emotional walking down the aisle. For years I’d been plagued by insecurity about my front teeth and now, finally, I was free of that stress.”

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