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Jacqui Steele

Failings by her NHS dentist forced Jacqui from Stoke on Trent to look overseas for help.

At Last, Jacqui is healthy and happy again after years of pain.


oday Jacqui Steele from Stoke On Trent smiles happily, full of confidence and good health, but not so long ago it was a very different story. Jacqui’s health had hit an all time low and she was relying on pain killers to help her struggle through every day. The cause of her extreme pain and discomfort was a combination of gum disease and the ill fitting dentures which she had been forced to accept as the only affordable answer to losing many of her teeth.

Her troubles started when her NHS dentist failed to spot some teeth and gum health issues and understandably Jacqui feels badly let down by the system. She was only 52 when things started to really deteriorate for her and with large gaps in her front teeth she refused to smile and hated having her picture taken. But it wasn’t just her confidence that started to deteriorate.

Feeling fed up and let down by her NHS dentist Jacqui spent more money on some private treatment, but despite the huge cost her dental problems only seemed to get worse. Constant pain and bad breath were only part of the story. She soon couldn’t manage solid foods, she lost weight and her health really started to suffer.


10 Branemark implants
24 Gold ceramic crowns/bridges
8 Extractions
1 Temporary denture
10 unit fixed temporary bridge

COST: £16,000


Feeling pretty desperate Jacqui started doing some internet research about going overseas for treatment, although she was not at all confident about the quality of treatment, cost of travel and hotels. And who could blame her after her bad experiences with both private and NHS dentists at home in the UK? She was talking it all through with a friend one day who recommended Jacqui gave Smile Savers Hungary a call. After a long chat with one of the customer service team there, Jacqui plucked up enough courage to book a London consultation, and from there she went on to agree a treatment plan and book her flights to Budapest. “Going to a dentist full stop had become a horrid experience for me,” confessed Jacqui, “but going to one in a foreign country was ten times worse! But I have to say, I was impressed straightaway and my dentist was kindness itself, and it really helped that I had met him London at one of my first consultations.”

Jacqui’s treatment was long and painful, she had had all her remaining teeth extracted and had temporary bridges fitted before receiving 10 dental implants and 24 dental crowns, but she saved herself an impressive £34, 000! Her quality of life has changed beyond all recognition, just like her smile. And now Jacqui travels to the Smile Savers clinic in Budapest every year for a check up, she simply doesn’t trust the dentists here to look after her stunning new smile.

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