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Emily Mayer

Having suffered from severe gum disease for many years and despite regular trips to her dentist in the UK, Emily Mayer; 46, was gradually losing all her teeth and with them her confidence.

I was so conscious of the state of my teeth. Having this treatment has changed my life.


mily Mayer, a successful artist from Kenninghall in Norfolk, had always looked after her teeth and made sure she went to her dentist regularly for check-ups. Despite her care, by her mid-forties Emily was suffering from severe gum disease, which is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults in the UK. It effects three out of four adults over the age of 45 and ranges in severity. Bad breath and tooth loss are the most common outcomes of the disease and Emily was gradually losing all her teeth, and with it her self confidence.

Emily could not face a lifetime of wearing dentures and knew the best solution would be to have dental implants fitted. Tooth implants are fast becoming the most popular way to replace lost teeth as they provide the best long term solution, and look and feel completely natural. Dental implant surgery is a specialist field and patients considering it should look for an experienced surgeon. However, in the UK, dental implants can cost up to £2, 000.00 each and Emily needed 17 dental implants and dental crowns. She was looking a private dentist bill of £60, 000.00!

Emily started to research alternatives and her journey eventually took her to a dental clinic in Budapest. Hungary is widely regarded as being the centre of excellence for dentistry and certain clinics are particularly known for their expertise in dental implant surgery. Luckily, Emily found such a clinic via the Smile Savers Hungary service. Smile Saver’s clinic is the largest in Budapest, and the clinic’s director – Dr Atilla Kaman is a leading maxillofacial surgeon and Master of Implantology. In fact he is regarded as the most experienced implant surgeon in his field having placed over 15,000 dental implants.

Once Emily was satisfied her research had found the best clinic possible, she made all the necessary treatment and travel plans through Smile Savers Hungary. The team made her trips as smooth and pleasant as possible, from arranging her transport and hotels to ensuring that her dental treatment plan was easy to understand and all the costs transparent.


17 Branemark Implants,
bone augmentation plus
28 ceramic fused to gold crowns.

COST: £20,000


Over the next 6 months Emily made three trips to Budapest. She had a total of 17 Branemark dental implants fitted with additional bone augmentation where it had deteriorated, plus 24 porcelain fused to gold crowns crafted by the clinic’s expert, on-site technicians.

Emily says: “I was so conscious of the state of my teeth. Having this treatment has changed my life. Not only did the clinic take really good care of me, but I have also saved a huge amount of money”. In all, the dental treatment, even with flights and accommodation factored in, saved Emily an estimated £40,000.

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