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David and Claire Benjamin

Dental treatment in Budapest gave Bedfordshire man the confidence to propose.

It wasn’t just the clinic’s high tech approach to dentistry which impressed Claire and David, they fell in love with everything that Budapest has to offer.


laire and David decided it was time to solve their teeth worries once and for all. They’d both had bad experiences of dentists in the past and had struggled to find a new NHS dentist when they moved house. Like most people they could not afford private dentists in the UK, but when they read a magazine article about Smile Savers Hungary they realised they could afford to have the ‘mouth makeover’ David needed.

David’s problems stemmed from his childhood when he had not received proper dental treatment. His teeth were crooked, unevenly sized, chipped and discoloured, and aged 49 he still had a baby tooth! David realised he would need extensive work to achieve the smile he dreamed off but was soon reassured when the treatment plan was carefully explained to him. Claire’s problems were not so serious but she was keen to replace her mercury fillings, and choose a more natural looking crown to replace the gold one she had been given as a child when the wrong tooth was extracted.

Once in Budapest they were immediately impressed by the clinic: “It was so high tech, but the receptionists quickly put us at ease. We saw different dentists and technicians throughout our treatment but they were all thorough, friendly and very professional.” Claire explained.

David had a full mouth makeover which involved 17 Zirconium metal free crowns. These crowns are made from Zirconium Dioxide which is an ultra durable material that is likened to diamonds because of its strength; and the look of Zirconium Dioxide mean it’s impossible to tell the difference between a Zirconium crown and a natural tooth. The crowns are made on-site at the Smile Savers Hungary clinic in Budapest, which means they can be produced more quickly than most dentists are able and at a competitive price. The process is extremely high tech and starts with the dentist taking a silicon impression of the teeth. A 3D laser scan then transfers detailed information to computer aided design software which models the new crown. Even the milling is done with computer driven machines and the process is so accurate that once properly fitted no bacteria can get underneath the crown meaning they will last a lifetime if well looked after.


17 Zirconium metal free crowns, Zoom teeth whitening, root canals, extractions, wisdom teeth removal

COST: £6100


It wasn’t just the clinic’s high tech approach to dentistry which impressed Claire and David, they fell in love with everything that Budapest has to offer. Claire says: “We ate like kings, loved the cocktail bars and enjoyed the local cafes. We went to the famous spas and even mastered Budapest’s underground system. We really enjoyed our time there and it made going overseas for treatment feel like great value for money.”

Once their treatments had finished Claire and David were delighted with the results and between them had saved £12,000.00 on their dental bill. David’s new smile gave him so much more confidence he soon whisked Claire off to Barcelona where he proposed, and as their pictures testify they were both all smiles on their wedding day.

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