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The original innovators of dental implant technology Branemark dental implants by Nobel Biocare offer the most versatile and longest gauranteed system of all

Branemark Dental ImplantsWith innovations such as TiUnite implant coating, Teeth-in-a-day, CAD/CAM dentistry plus the most adaptable of all implant ranges, Branemark is the undisputed world leader in implant technology.

Branemark offers a complete solutions package of crown, bridge and implants. Branemark have the important temporary solutions to cover all implants straight after implant placing.

You can choose from Branemark’s standard prosthetic assortment with products in all necessary configurations. Or the infinitely customized options available with Branemark’s Premium solutions.

Such a premium system does of course come at a price, close to 30% more than Camlog dental implants and 60% more than AB dental implants.

See the following for more information:

Can dental implants be placed next to natural teeth?

Dental implants are routinely placed beside natural teeth and this is generally very safe to do. The only exception to this would be if the natural root was very curved or tilted unfavourably in the proposed path of the implant. This could cause the root to be damaged by the implant, …

Are the new teeth joined together?

When multiple implants are placed, they are routinely joined together in the same way that a bridge supported by natural teeth would be designed. The bone quality and the number and position of the implants will largely determine which option is most suitable for you. …

Can dental implants preserve bone?

This is one of the most important features of dental implants. Once in place and supporting teeth, everyday functional forces stimulate the surrounding bone which responds by becoming stronger and more dense. Like all things there are limits to how much work an implant can do. …

Can you wear teeth during the course of dental implant treatment?

If the teeth being replaced by dental implants are in a clearly visible part of your mouth it is most likely that you will want to have some teeth present whilst the treatment is underway. There are a number of of temporary solutions available, ranging from simple plastic dentures to fixed …

Case Study – Branemark All-On-Six and All-On-Four Implants

Alarmed by the deterioration of her teeth our client decided to undergo a full mouth dental rehabilitation in Budapest with bone grafting, dental implants and bridges.
Treatment: Temporary denture: upper …

Case Study – Branemark Implants

After suffering from gum disease at the age of 45 our client lost all her teeth and she was not ready to wear dentures for the rest of her life. …