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Recently there has been a huge increase in the number of western Europeans visiting Budapest and the result has been Budapest truly coming into bloom.

There are now a wide range of very modern bars, clubs and restaurants catering for all tastes.

Budapest is often described as the ‘Paris of the Danube’ and sometimes the ‘Pearl of the Danube’ and boasts some amazing sights and experiences enriched by a checkered history. It has castles and a palace with an art gallery inside, museums, the biggest parliament in Europe right on the banks of the Danube and, for some most importantly, Budapest, sitting on a geological fault line, has some of the best thermal spas in Europe.

When you’ve cleansed and revived in the spas there’s always the Danube to be explored by numerous boat rides.

Shopping in Budapest is like any major city in Europe and all the major outlets are well represented.

We’ve made a few pages of our favourite things in Budapest which can be found here.