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Be amazed at how much you could save at our award winning Budapest clinic and all without making any compromise on quality

To illustrate the gap between the prices in Budapest and those in the UK, below are the results of a survey we conducted on prices in London compared to those at our clinic in Budapest:

If you require relatively minor treatments or are loathed to travel abroad for dental work then why not take a look at our London Clinic's price list. Our links to Budapest mean that we're still able to pass on some savings to our clients.

Treatment Smile Savers Average London Average Savings
Free Items
Consultation in BudapestFree£75£75
X-Ray in BudapestFree£60£60
Implant uncovering, impressions, anaesthetics, healing screws:Free£130£130
Implant After Care Kit (Antibiotics, Mouthwash, Painkillers & Ice Pack)Free£30£30
Dental Implants
AB/SGS Implant £399£1250£851
Camlog Implant £550£1350£800
AB Abutment (From) £140£350£210
Camlog Abutment (From) £140£270£130
Camlog Screw Retained Abutment£170£340£170
Camlog Zirconium Abutment£330£520£190
Dental Crowns
Porcelain Crown £199£550£351
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal on Implant£199£600£401
Porcelain Crown Fused To Gold £269£650£381
Zirconium Metal Free Crown £380£750£370
Zirconium Crown on Implant£593£1300£707
Cosmetic Treatments
Porcelain Veneer £240£550£310
Zoom 1 Hour Teeth Whitening £329£500£171
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Smile Savers on TV

We have certainly had a fair bit of interest shown us by the UK press and all for good reason! At the last count we have had our story covered in 16 articles by major UK publications plus 8 news stories in UK TV and Radio. Still it’s always a pleasant surprise for us to see our company’s name in print, (or these days on TV!). A big thank you to all the journalists who took the time to write about us and to our clients who agreed to be interviewed.



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