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Bone Graft

Bone grafts are sometimes required when there is not sufficient bone to support a dental implant. Ranging from synthetic material for simple cases to the gold standard which is bone taken from the patients jaw or hip for more complex cases.


Seven years of focused work brings important landmark for our leading Maxillofacial surgeon, Master of Implantology

Dr. Kaman Places His 10,000th Dental Implant Latest News - click to read more...

The head of the Implant and Aesthetic Center’s Budapest clinic, Dr Attila Kaman today completed his 10,000 successful implant placing in 7 years. This puts him in the top 5 implantologists in Europe and number one in Hungary….


Major European dental implant certification gained by our leading dental surgeon.

Dr Attila Kaman Becomes a Master Implantologist Latest News - click to read more...

Dr Attila Kaman, the head of the Implant Center Budapest, today became one of only a few world-wide to have completed the Master of Implantology course at the International Medical College of the University of Munster in Germany….