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Dentist abroad saves British smiles

Dentist abroad saves British smiles

In the UK, the NHS will only offer you dentures but there is an alternative. The answer for many lies with finding a dentist abroad and travelling to Europe for treatment.


inding a dentist abroad could save your smile, just like thousands of other Brits who flock to European cities such as Budapest for cheap dental treatment. Losing your teeth is upsetting enough but listening to the prices charged by UK dentists for treatments such as implants is even worse. Tooth loss can be the result of an accident, gum disease or even from grinding your teeth at night. In the UK, the NHS will only offer you dentures but there is an alternative. The answer for many lies with finding a dentist abroad and travelling to Europe for treatment.

That’s exactly what Jackie Burchill from Shrewsbury did when she lost 12 teeth and was quoted £2,000 per implant to get back her smile. Luckily some friends recommended Budapest and Jackie was intrigued by the idea of visiting a dentist abroad for her treatment. Her research confirmed that Budapest is full of excellent dental clinics offering world class treatment but at much lower prices than in the UK. High tech dental procedures such as the dental implants Jackie wanted are much cheaper in Hungary and she was able to find a very experienced implant surgeon, Dr Attila Kaman, in the city. Jackie’s treatment included six dental implants, 10 crowns, four veneers and Zoom teeth whitening and cost only £7,880. She saved £16,000 on the price quoted to her in the UK.

Jackie is one of tens of thousands of patients travelling overseas for treatment. She chose Hungary because of the high standard of dentistry and the easy travel arrangements. When choosing a dentist abroad you will need to consider journey times as well as the cost of treatment. Some treatments, such as dental implants will need two trips so countries further than Europe may not be practical. Budapest is just a two hour flight from London, which is much more appealing than say travelling to India or Mexico for treatment.

Many people are also visiting a dentist abroad for cosmetic dental treatments. Chipped or wonky teeth are easily fixed with veneers but costs are high in the UK as cosmetic treatments are not available on the NHS. Whilst not medically necessary, this kind of dental work can restore confidence in your smile, helping you feel a different person. For many it’s simply too expensive to consider having it done at home, but prices overseas in places like Hungary can help your dreams come true. Emma Powerell’s confidence had been in tatters for years as many of her adult teeth failed to growth. She was left with baby teeth and perfected a closed mouth smile which made her look tense and unhappy. She was quoted £20,000 to have the bridges and crowns needed to set her smile straight but discovered a dental tourism company who helped her set up treatment in Budapest that cost only £3,000. The confidence she has gained has been a massive step for Emma, but only took a short flight to Budapest to make it happen.

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