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With some of the best overseas clinics investing heavily in providing top notch treatment abroad, a UK dentist is no longer necessarily the best choice

Dental implants, unaffordable in the UK for anyone but the very wealthy cost considerably less in Hungary – approximately £500.00 versus nearly £2,000.00 here at home.


f you’ve been told by your dentist that you need to have extensive dental work done or if you’re desperate for a smile makeover, then it’s probably time to start researching private options. Unfortunately, Britain’s NHS dental system offers the patient very little above and beyond the basic ‘drill and fill’. But your search for a cheap dentist may well take you on a longer journey than originally anticipated as it’s widely recognised that travelling overseas is the most cost effective option.

Many European countries, from Poland and Hungary to Spain and Portugal offer cheaper dental treatments for UK patients. However, Hungary is seen to be a leader in dentistry and for decades has seen ‘dental tourists’ visit the country to visit in search of a cheap dentist. With hundreds of clinics, inexpensive flights and good value accommodation, Budapest has become the dental capital of Europe. Thousands of Britons also enjoy the city’s many tourist attractions and often return again and again even after their treatment has been completed.

Price wise, it’s easy to see why private dentists in the UK are being passed over in favour of travelling overseas. Typically a porcelain crown will cost around £550.00 in a private London clinic, whereas in a cheap dentist in Budapest patients will pay approximately £200.00. Dental implants, unaffordable in the UK for anyone but the very wealthy cost considerably less in Hungary – approximately £500.00 versus nearly £2,000.00 here at home.

Whilst price is an important consideration, safety and quality of work is even more important. Anyone looking at a cheap dentist overseas should research the clinic carefully before proceeding with their treatment. Some overseas clinics will offer patients a consultation in the UK first, which gives you a chance to meet the dentists and ask lots of questions before committing. Bear in mind that the best clinics will be able to tell you about the latest equipment they have invested in or if they have won a local award. Some of their dentists may have had experience of working in the UK which is also reassuring. Ask to speak to other patients or to see testimonials and make sure that you have agreed a clear treatment plan before work starts so you know exactly what bill to expect at the end. With careful research and thorough planning you’ll soon be smiling about the money you saved!

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