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Looking for a highly qualified, extremely experienced and low cost dentist? Impossible you say, well not now - there really is no catch here unless you consider having to visit one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe for treatment a problem!

We have researched our subject well and have many extremely satisfied clients as proof of our achievements which has been to bring you the best dentists that Budapest can offer.

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Q. Do the dentists speak English?

...The Dentists speak English, German, French and Italian....a specialised quotation system which allows Dentists to work in their own language whilst producing client quotations in english....

James Keep Interview

... What would you say about the clinic the Dentists and the dental treatment? The clinic was great, dentists made me feel at ease, the treatment was of a very high level (I've been to lots of dentists both in the UK and Australia). What has been your experience of UK dentists? What would you say about Budapest? Budapest is a nice city, very fast like London. You feel safe there....

Shirley Norton

...fault the service I have received both from the Dentists and staff at Smile Savers and at the Implant Centre....was no problem with the language as all the Dentists and most staff members and drivers spoke excellent english (which puts us brits to shame), the dentists and staff were dedicated beyond belief and at each appointment i was made to feel comfortable and in safe hands....and i have to say unexpected and the Dentists are so dedicated to every element of the treatment. it is easy for me to be so enthusiastic

Our Prices

... The same service is available to all Dentists in Europe yet the price gap is still very much in evidence. Some people might assume that the clinics are not as well equipped and thus do not pass the cost of new technology on to their clients but certainly in all our clinics they are overflowing with technology originating in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the US to name a few; a sure sign of solid investment. And keeping up with training? It is a little known fact that every dentist in Hungary, in order to

Cheap dentists abroad - Brits flock to Budapest for treatment

...attractive option Hungary has more qualified Dentists per capita than any other country and dentists are required to continue their training throughout their career....a solution to their dental woes by finding cheap Dentists abroad and travelling, mainly to europe, for treatment. rising costs of private treatment and limitations with the nhs system have contributed to the rise of dental tourism over the last decade and one of the most popular destinations is budapest. hungary has more qualified dentists per