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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can be used very effectly and now relatively cheaply with Smile Savers Hungary to change your smile dramatically. If you have faded or darkened areas of your smile that may be chipped or worn then cosmetic dentistry has the solution for you. Using techniques such as veneers, teeth whitening or even full porcelain crowns our clinics in Budapest can revitalise and even rejuvinate not just your smile but, through it's knock-on effects, your entire face.

The Hollywood smile is the product of cosmetic dentistry taken to it's ultimate end. In the UK the price of the perfect smile can be as much as £20,000 - Budapest can deliver often for 1/4 that price. Of course, you probably won't not need to even spend that much and often some relatively minor touch ups will be all that is required to get your smile back.

See the following for more information:

Dr. Zsolt Nemeth DDS

...Specialising in Cosmetic Dentistry Dr....he gained invaluable experiences in cosmetic Dentistry his portfolio includes lindsey barnett, who was featured on bbc,... budapest 2000-2002 specialising in Dentistry and stomatology 2000-2005 dentist for kg dental hungary 2006- implant center kft....border where he gained invaluable experiences in Cosmetic dentistry....

Extras - Hollywood Smile Cosmetic Dentistry

...Amongst their staff is a very talented Cosmetic dentist who was trained and licenced in the ...

Dr Janos Lantos DDS

...Specialising in Dentistry and Stomatologyy It would be difficult to find a of pécs 1989-1993: oral surgery and Dentistry at bm hospital 1993 to present: specialising in dentistry and stomatology 1993 to present: private practice 1993-1998: professor at medical university of pécs 2002-2006: schweizer zahnarzt gmbh mosonmagyaróvár head surgeon speaks: english and german ...more experienced Cosmetic dentist in central europe than dr. lantos....

Dr. Zsuzsanna Juhasz DDS

...Specialising in Cosmetic Dentistry Zsuzsanna (pronounced similar to Susanna) is the she has 25 years commercial experience in Dentistry 1976: dental degree: semmelweis medical university, budapest 1978: specialising in dentistry and stomatology 1976-1988: the budapest 9th district specialising in dental surgery dept.... budapest 1978: specialising in Dentistry and stomatology 1976-1988: the budapest 9th district specialising in dental surgery dept....lead Cosmetic dentist having been trained and licensed

Dr. Gruming Georg DDS

...Specialising in Cosmetic Dentistry Working closely along side Dr Zsuzsanna Juhasz he in germany 1998 specialising in Dentistry 1998-2001 kreativ dental clinic 1998 private practice speaks: english and german clinics second Cosmetic specialist and the only non hungarian in the ...