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Archive for July, 2013

Janet Stokes“I appreciate the dental work I have had done so much and I know how lucky I am to have discovered Smile Savers. I don’t have to worry about opening my mouth to speak or smile any more. It feels so good to not have to shy away from eye contact and covering my mouth up when talking to people,”

Sylvia Urbanowski“The day I sat in the chair at Smile Savers in London for my consultation is a day I will never forget, Dr. Gruming Georg DDS looked in my mouth and said “its not so bad” This was the first time anyone had said anything positive or hopeful in over 20 years of visiting UK NHS and private dentists who all wanted to remove the few teeth I had left after years of fighting gum disease.
These same dentists offered me implants at a cost of £70,000 or dentures. I was in despair as neither solution was acceptable to me. That day I left the consultation with a positive affordable plan and have never looked back since. I have had a few visits to the wonderful city of Budapest which has resulted in a pain free comfortable mouth full of teeth. For the first time in years I can eat steak and apples and peanuts etc and when a camera is pointed at me I can now smile in confidence because my teeth are beautiful, which was not actually something I was in search of, I just wanted teeth in my mouth to eat with like everyone else has, but of course the fact that my new teeth are white and straight is a fantastic bonus. Every procedure I had was pain free and I found the professionalism of all the staff involved in my treatment amazing. The dentists are always on hand to give advice or reassurance throughout the treatment stages and the after care is fantastic. I have recommended Smile Savers to many friends and family and will continue to do so.”

Mark BrodgenHi Veronika,

I had a really nice trip to Budapest thanks – everyone was as professional as ever, and I was treated with warmth and friendliness as usual..
I would recommend the clinic very highly indeed, and would like to thank everyone for treating me so well. A special thank you to Dr Juhasz and Dr Klenk for all their incredible work, together with their supporting teams. Also thank you to Dr Georg for his root canal work on the first visit.
Thanks also to all the drivers for their smooth transfers to and from the clinic/airport, and it was always nice to have a friendly face greet me each day…Thanks to you Veronika for sorting out any issues, and ensuring I was well informed – that really helped :)

I’m extremely satisfied with my results overall, and also that I decided to go ahead with having the treatment performed by Dr Juhasz, Dr Klenk and their associates. It’s making a big difference to me in my life. And, without a shadow of a doubt, I can’t imagine having a better experience elsewhere.

I wish everyone all the very best,

Kind Regards, Mark

Melanie PressMorning Veronika,

I would just like to say a huge,huge thank you to everybody at the Clinic.

I could not be happier than I am now.

Everybody who I came in contact with were fantastic.

I cannot believe where the past year has gone, since my first appointment with you in London.

The planning of appointments, hotel bookings and Tomas who picked me up from the Airport, made everything so much easier.

I was also so pleased that I stayed in the apartment on my last visit, which was extremely pleasant.

Peter my husband came out and stayed with me for the last couple of days, when we both then had the chance to discover how beautiful Budapest is, and had some very memorial meals, we absolutely loved it all.

Again, a huge thanks to everybody and cannot thank you enough for everything.

Melanie Press.

Gabriel Mulcauley“Hi Veronika,

I am back home with my new teeth and I am delighted with them and would very happily recommend SmileSavers and the Implant centre to anybody for its professionalism and efficiency.

Since completing my treatment, I’ve completed a life coaching course and have set up my own life coaching business! I would never have been able to do this before – I owe it to Smile Savers Hungary!

If I’d had dental treatment in the UK I would have only been able to afford a denture – and that would have been at a stretch. I would have felt like an old woman and without doubt, lacked the confidence to set up a business!

Many Thanks.

Gabriel Mulcauley

Paul and Tracy KeatingHi Veronika,

We had a very successful trip, Paul is really happy with his new teeth, they are amazing! and no pain! I am also happy with the work I had done on my teeth, they look so much nicer. Everyone we have met involved with Smilesavers have been really polite and helpful, from the drivers to the receptionists, to the nurses/dentists/doctors etc. We will not hesitate to recommend Smilesavers and already have done, it’s amazing when you start talking to people about our visit how many are interested in having work done themselves.

I will be posting a positive review online.

Many thanks for your help Veronika.

Kind regards
Tracy (+ Paul)

Iris McIntyreDear Dr. Kaman,

Thank you very much for the implants, teeth and my new smile!

Your service has been excellent, and I am very glad I made the decision to come to Budapest for the implants.

Dr. Nemeth was excellent, and I have recommended SmileSavers to many.
Veronika is just great and always comes back quickly on any query.

Every success with your expansion.

Kind regards

Iris McIntyre