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Archive for September, 2009


Long overdue restoration begins of Budapest's Margaret Bridge temporarily reducing traffic flow across the Danube

Margaret Bridge Closes for RestorationUnder an EU restoration directive the ageing and heavily used Margaret Bridge, connecting not only Buda and Pest but also Margaret Island in the middle, will now be closed until at least 1st September 2010 for cars and taxis. The complete works are scheduled to be finished 31st December 2010. This is the last bridge in Budapest to undergo restoration and though a full tram service is being maintained across it, all other transport is severely restricted.

Deborah Wain covers Alan Hemmingway’s story as he returns from our clinic in Budapest. Alan says he is ‘all smiles’ after the treatment and no wonder, he was quoted £53,000 by one UK dentist and by travelling to Budapest has saved a whopping £41,850.

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