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Archive for May, 2006

The BBC interviewed Nicola Lewin live on their Five Live breakfast show along with the producer of the documentary due to be aired later that evening on BBC1’s The Real Story. You can listen to the interview here by pressing the play button above or alternatively in a standalone player click here (Windows Media Player required).

The Daily Mail ran this piece, entitled ‘A Patients Guide to Health Tourism’, based on a recent book written by David Hancock, covering the options people have when choosing to go abroad for treatment. The heading reads ‘No Waiting Lists. Spotless Hospitals. Brilliant after-care. Why more and more Britons are choosing surgery abroad’. Hungary came out top as the place to go for high quality low cost treatment and they very kindly included us as a recommended operator though tragically listed a disconnected phone number. Fortunately they got our web site address right! As a side note we should point out that the usual time for the first phase of implant surgery can be completed in just 3 days and not 12 as stated in the article.

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